There’s a first time for everything…

I didnt really know if I should upload theses or not…but why not. As I wanted to go into animation I thought it would be a good start to try out lots of different methods, mediums and techniques.

My first time rotoscoping. Just a little rotoscoping test…

“Building a Box”

This was and easy process to make but a very time consuming method.

My first flip book…

“The Tired Giraffe'”

Through the eyes of a giraffe, who was so tired his head hung down low and so his head was upside down. He then sees a bird upside down on the tree in front of him and he can’t believe his eyes. All the other birds on the tree fly away. And this causes the upside down one to fall off the tree.

I wanted to add blinking but I ran out of pages lol.

Defiantly need to work on having a simpler story for a flip book. But I am glad I tried it.


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