Off to the Cinema: ‘Brave in 3D’ and ‘La Luna’

Since I saw the first poster for “Brave” in my local cinema a long time ago, I have been waiting and waiting for the film to come out. Then I herd it was Disney/Pixar’s first fairy tale, and their first film having a leading female character… I was so excited! I finally got to see it today! 🙂

Cinema prices have gone up like crazy and now the fact you have to pay extra because its in 3D is ridiculous! like ÂŁ12 for a ticket! Thank goodness for Orange Wednesdays!!

I sit down and watch the adverts, and then “La Luna” Disney/Pixar’s short film starts!! I was so excited!! I had heard about the short and had seen the trailer, but I was blown away. Everything from the visual look of the film, to the animating, to the storyline was amazing. It was one of the most inspirational films I have seen in a while.

The Art Direction, Lighting and Compositing really stood out in this work. The reflections of the moonlight in the water and the shadows of the people sitting in the boat in the moonlight were beautifully done.

Straight after that “Brave” started, Disney/Pixar just never lets you down. I don’t want to say too much just incase you haven’t seen it, but its definitely worth going to see. Oh and her hair is fabulous! The story was so well thought out. The visual look and aesthetics of the film was wonderful. It had a very realistic look to the film compared to the rest of the Pixar films. The characters, the animating, basically everything was of such high standards as expected. Throughout the whole film I was left saying to myself  “I want to make this, I want to make this!”

The hair and cloth on this film was brilliant and had defiantly been developed for this film. The amount of work that must have been put in to Merida’s hair alone would have been a massive job and really paid off. Oh and the moss in the forest is something I hadn’t seen before.

What an inspirational afternoon.


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