This piece was inspired by words such as ‘leaves’, ‘feet’, ‘showers’, ‘gusty’, ‘steams’ and ‘stamps’ from T.S Eliot excerpt from Preludes. I was inspired by my emotional response to the poem, when I remembered a memory of my brother and I. When we were very young running in the park, jumping in puddles. There were leaves on the ground and I got splashed from my brother getting to the puddle first. I referenced the work of Jon Klassen, I explored his process of using tradition mediums such as ink, watercolors, chalks and acrylic paint and then photocopying them and using them as textures within my work to add more interest to be piece. I also looked at children character designs by Bobby Chiu which inspired me for my character designs. I first sketched out a verity of possible ideas. I then picked two that I felt had the most potential. I then made thumbnails where I combined both ideas looking at composition. Next created a colour pallet. Finally I created the final piece digitally in Photoshop. I then went back to the traditional techniques to create textures with ink and acrylic paint, which I then photocopied and put them into my work to give an added textures to my work. After that I started reviewing, editing and refining it until I was happy with the final outcome. I learnt that you can take your inspirations from anywhere. I can be inspired by ‘words’, which gave me a starting point and allowed me to visualizing imagery in my head. Which in this case was an emotional response which pushed my work to be personal.

Developmental stages:

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at 20.48.11

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at 20.48.19

Final piece:Screen shot 2014-10-19 at 20.48.39