Final Major Project

This was taken on as a solo project. Therefore I did every stage of production myself.

A short light-hearted animation targeted for children aged 3-6. Its genre is ‘Children’s television’, ‘Comedy’ and ‘Education’. It is a story about two young chicks and a dinosaur playing in the snow. It looks at themes of child’s play, teaching messages and morals such as bullying and acceptance of the difference of others. It has a balance between humour and education. It is a bright and colourful piece which catches the child’s eye.


Double Negative – 2.5D Digital Matte Painting and Set Extension Masterclass

Double Negative 2.5D digital matte painting and set extension masterclass. I used Photoshop, Maya and Nuke.

The task was to remove the construction work and extend the street. I had to create a matte painting, building simple geometry and finally create camera projections. This was a 10 day assignment.

The original image provided by Double Negative:


My matte painting:


My Camera Projection:

”Office Supplies”

My first stop-motion animation “Office Supplies”.

I wanted to create an animation on a minuscule budget. I used the elastic bands and paper clips that I had lying around on my desk. (At the beginning of the year I always think it will be useful to stock up on these supplies, but I never actually use them lol). It was also made with a webcam, tied to a wooden stick, it was hilarious to make, but it gave this old technology feel to the work which I wanted to create.  I really like the outcome of this piece.

”A Weekend At Grandma’s House”

Just a practice test first…

“A Girls Favourite Teddy Bear”

“A Weekend At Grandma’s House”

It is a story about a girl who went to stay at her grandma’s house for the weekend. She had not been there in a while. Her grandma now has Alzheimer’s. So she forgets where she puts things, get things wrong and put things in the wrong places. It is a story about how the granddaughter deals with it.

I did a lot of research into real life stories before I made this.

The Conversation – ”Archie and Edna”

This was my first claymation “Archie and Edna”. For this project we had to make a short film that shows dialogue between two characters.

I wanted to make an animation that would be for a young audience with bright colours and simple shapes. However, ironically I made the characters look like walking gravestones. I also wanted to make it humorous by making the conversation about nothing in particular, nothing that is important.

I really enjoyed making this film. Everything from the planning, to making the set, to filming and even recording the voices were all fun to create. However by the end it all went a bit crazy when the lights were getting too hot and the characters heads kept falling off, it was hilarious!

There’s a first time for everything…

I didnt really know if I should upload theses or not…but why not. As I wanted to go into animation I thought it would be a good start to try out lots of different methods, mediums and techniques.

My first time rotoscoping. Just a little rotoscoping test…

“Building a Box”

This was and easy process to make but a very time consuming method.

My first flip book…

“The Tired Giraffe'”

Through the eyes of a giraffe, who was so tired his head hung down low and so his head was upside down. He then sees a bird upside down on the tree in front of him and he can’t believe his eyes. All the other birds on the tree fly away. And this causes the upside down one to fall off the tree.

I wanted to add blinking but I ran out of pages lol.

Defiantly need to work on having a simpler story for a flip book. But I am glad I tried it.