DreamWorks Brief: Goldilocks and the Three Oysters

A lady from DreamWorks set us a brief, to update a character from the past. I picked ‘Goldielocks and the Three bears’.

My concept is set underwater, in the late 50’s, early 60’s. Goldilocks is now an older lady, a mermaid, age 55. She is larger than life, fabulous women. She is a curvy lady with blonde hair.

One day Goldie comes across three sleeping oysters. She is missing one pearl in her necklace and wants to steal a pearl for her necklace. The first one she comes across is big, the second one is two small but the third one is just right. She steals it and puts it in her necklace. But much to her despair she woke up the grumpy oyster. As he quickly realise what has happened. Goldilocks gets a fright and swims away as fast as she can.

Developing the final design of the women. As well as looking at the costume design.

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at 22.09.15

Process of the final piece. I decided to uses Illustrator for the piece to try out a different style.

Final Piece: